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Nowadays, expediting has become an indispensable part of project management to enforce a timely delivery of goods. We provide expediting service for production control and packing and transport survey, which reduces the unnecessary cost of the clients induced by delay.
Our expediting service consists of field expediting and desk expediting. The expeditors combine the two ways together to monitor the exact order progress, learn about the future plan of the mill, and inform the clients of the actual status of the project. The field expediting also make it possible to find the potential impediment which may result in delays.
During the expediting, the expediters will keep an eye on the deadlines and milestones of the project, record the current status of the production, take photos of the site and assist the mill to take measures to shorten the production cycle.
After the field investigation, the expeditor will analyze whether the order progress meets the requirement of the clients and whether the supplier will be on time, and then submit the expediting reports to the client.


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